Линейный поиск соответствий

Linear matching is the process of finding a linear function that matches best (in the sense of Least Squares) the intensity of pixels from one image to those of a reference image. This is a quick and easy way to balance the histograms of different images.

Linear Match dialog

Linear match dialog

The Reference allows you to pick the reference image.

The Reject low and Reject high sliders allows to exclude pixels values in the left and right tails of the intensities distributions. They are defined as quantiles, in the range [0, 1]. For instance, default for high is 0.92, meaning that the 8% brightest pixels will be excluded from the fitting to find the linear match coefficients.


The image and reference must be aligned prior to applying a linear match. Otherwise, there is no reason to assume that their pixels intensities are correlated.

Командная строка Siril

linear_match reference low high
Computes and applies a linear function between a reference image and the loaded image.

The algorithm will ignore all reference pixels whose values are outside of the [low, high] range