Burger Menu

First page

Main Menu Page 1

Image Information

Accesses the other page of this menu.


Opens the Preferences menu.

Siril Manual

Opens the online documentation.

Check for updates

Checks if a newer version is available.

Get scripts

Opens the page to download more scripts than the ones which are shipped with Siril.

Keyboards shortcuts

Opens a panel reminding all the available Shortcuts.

About Siril

Opens a dialog showing te version information and Credits.

Second page

Main Menu Page 2

Image Plate-Solver

Opens the PlateSolving dialog.


Opens the Statistics dialog.

Noise Estimation

Launches a noise estimation on the loaded image. Results will be writtent in the Console.

Aberration Inspector

Opens the Aberration Inspector dialog.


Opens the Information dialog.

FITS Header

Displays the contents of the loaded image FITS Header.

FITS Header dialog

Dynamic PSF

Opens the Dynamic PSF dialog.