Welcome to Siril's documentation!

This is the documentation of version 1.2.0.

Siril is an astronomical image processing tool, specially tailored for noise reduction and improving the signal/noise ratio of an image from multiple captures, as required in astronomy.


Siril can align automatically or manually, stack and enhance pictures from various file formats, even image sequence files (films and SER files).

Programming language is C, with parts in C++. Main development is done with most recent versions of shared libraries on GNU/Linux. Contributors are welcome.

This is the documentation, it tries to describe all Siril functions. If the equivalent of a GUI function exists on the command line, then it is given in an insert. Other useful resources can be found at our main website siril.org.

You can find here an index of Siril commands.

To report any problems in the documentation please open a ticket at the following address: https://gitlab.com/free-astro/siril-doc.

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